2014 Skyrunning Ultra World Series – Race schedule

The moment most of us have been waiting for has finally arrived. The 2014 Skyrunning race calendar is out for the Ultra series, ladies and gentlemen, there is some pretty effing exciting stuff !!!

Here are the 5 races that will host the 5 stages of the Ultra Series (Videos further down the article) :

1. SPAIN: Transvulcania Ultramarathon – 83k, La Palma – May 10

2. FRANCE: Ice Trail Tarentaise – 65k, Val d’Isère – July 11

3. USA: SpeedGoat 50k – Snowbird, Utah – July 19

4. ITALY : Trofeo Kima UltraSkyMarathon®, Valmasino, Sondrio – August 30

5. USA: The Rut 50k –  Big Sky, Montana – September 14

Being a Euro, I’m actually glad that three races will be held on my side of the big pond. This will surely make it easier for travels and expenses, but also for potential training on the race course for at least two of them, over a long weekend.
Having races at TransVulcania and Ice Trail Tarentaise in 2013, I can only be excited to see these races part of the series again. I know the course and this hopefully will play in my advantage. But to be totally honest, I’m really intrigued about Kima. A race that requires to climb down cliffs hanging out of metal ropes can’t leave you indifferent… oh wait, did I mentioned that it took Kilian 6:19 hours to win this 48k race?!! Yeah I certainly look forward to being part of this one.

Now, here is the big fat counterpoint of potentially ranking in the series without having to fly to America. The two races that have been picked in the US simply look phenomenal!!! Both races are directed by elite athletes and that alone makes a huge difference. They have been racing all over the world and looked for a truly technical course, at elevation, going up and over high peaks, so we can all grind in awe in front of such immense surroundings, and feel that pain from a damn lack of oxygen!! Breath taking in all sense, surely is what Skyrunning is all about.

Executive director Lauri van Houten and Marino Giacometti – plus all the people pushing behind the International Skyrunning federation –  have once again done an amazing job at keeping the races with a true Skyrunning spirit and scouting for few newly born races that need all our attention.

So here is a question for you, what’s the most exciting time of the year ? Christmas season or Skyrunning season?

Too much excitement, gotta go run up and down my stairs to get used to steep ass races.

’till it starts, keep on rollin’

Transvulcania Ultramarathon

Ice Trail Tarentaise

SpeedGoat 50

Trofeo Kima UltraSkyMarathon®

The Rut 50k

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