Unleash our supertramp within

“3,2,1… yeahhhhhhh, happy new year buddy!!? What would make you happy for 2014?”

Huh! Pretty damn hard to find an answer to such a deep question with loud beat on, boozed up people yelling all over the place while dancing with a too full stomach… So how about moving up such thoughts a few days to have a better chance to find meaningful answers to this question.
Yet again, how the hell do I find happiness?

Let’s fast backward the whole past year. Highs and lows, the trips, the adventures, races, travels, encounters, friendships, goals reached and missed, and all we wanted to do but will have to postpone to the upcoming year. What did make us happy?

To me, 2013 was a year of emotional highs. No surprise so far considering I always put my heart in what I do. Countless moments pop in my mind, moments of joy, of tears, of truth, of love. But if I had to pinpoint the one thing that brought me happiness, it would be just this: people.
I have been extremely lucky to travel the world and meet extraordinary people. From total strangers to dear friends, their interactions with me all created emotions that had an impact on my personality. I feel richer because of them, thanks to them. I am Jack’s random and satisfying support groups encounters.

Visual memories are always more meaningful than long description, so here are a few moments from my 2013 year of happy adventures :


Still too early to unveil my 2014 projects, I won’t announce a race calendar, professional projects nor my personal ones – this is where I draw the line of my private life 😉 Yet I can tell you three things about it :
1 – Running, work and personal lives will once again be tied together.
2 – They will be dictated by these three fundamental notions : encourage new encounters, explore through the eyes of a child, receive through sharing.
3 – I’m pretty excited about it and can’t wait to share it all with you, readers, friends, partners, and family, through this blog and hopefully in real life.

To wrap it up, here is a piece of advice that I hope will serve you well. Whatever you aim at for 2014, please do it for the right reasons. The reasons that matter to you and you only. Don’t let yourself believe that it’s how big your dreams are that will make them more enjoyable to reach. There is no such thing as a “little” dream. So after you created them, you shall be more satisfied by sharing them and accomplishing them together with people.

I don’t know that for sure, but this might very well be where happiness begins…

All the best for 2014, cheers to open hearts to life opportunities and in the meantime 2014 starts, I’ll be perfecting my kitten and carrots stew.


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