I did it again…

I’m sitting in the train on my way back to Annecy. I have now tried any possible position and just can’t find the one to put my legs into to lower the throbbing pain that they are inflicting me.  Yes I did it again…

I only raced 30 little Ks today and yet I feel more beat up than after a 50 miler. Well perhaps the fact that the race took place on XC slopes and unevenly packed leading to few knee deep sudden steps, falls and swearing… a lot of swearing.

Photo URW

I really wasn’t feeling as easy as I look!! Photo URW


I knew after a 3 weeks break and almost no quality sessions for a month, I wasn’t going to be at 100%. But I clearly had underestimated how such an event would be unforgiving to those like me who wanted to be competitive without the proper level of fitness.

I did not enjoy that race. I lacked velocity and power and thus speed, hurt from start to finish for a merely acceptable result. So why did I part take in this race today?


I got to spend some time with my coach and New Balance France trail running team manager as well as meet one of my fellow NB athlete Julien Navarro (who won the 12k) up in Serre Chevalier. I learned from their talent and shared good time and a few beers, perhaps too many, and surely very little compare to what’s coming ahead this year. Worth every second of pain I’m experiencing right now.

Oh and I also bagged a copious amount of humility, that will come handy to help me push through hard training sessions as the 2014 season is about to get serious.

Hope you too can now and then get much more out of your runs than your endorphin fix and burned calories.

Till next time


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