Don’t take running for granted, ever.

I ran today, and I was bitching about it.

I went up a local mountain and faced over 30cm of fresh snow half way up… Not equipped for such conditions, I turned around and kept running down across and over trails that weren’t as covered in snow.

I got lost, hurdle few dozen of tree trunks, crossed countless puddles of mud, fell three times and got pissed at my cardio that kept falling off. Result, I ended up running 2h30 instead of the 3h initially planned.
I think even my mum would give me shit for complaining about such things, so i certainly don’t expect compassion.

Yet, I found in a comment I received from a dear friend a statement that forced me to step back and think for a second: “At least you are running!! Think about all the people who can’t and the times when you were injured”

Valid point that hit me hard. I felt like a whining spoiled little brat and realized how true that statement was.

So true that I wanted to share it with you all. Go get out there and enjoy your runs just because you can, and that alone is a privilege we shouldn’t take for granted.

Happy running!

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