Potted plants still have roots

I have been discussing life styles with a wise friend of mine and it only started scratching the surface of such a topic.

We stuck to the nomadic aspect of it, and sure there was already a lot to cover.
What fired up our thoughts was the awareness of being fortunate to have options to travel the world. Not a lot of people get such chance, which is the first reason why we’d feel guilty not to fully embrace it.

It’s amazing at first, new places, new people, new races and challenges. It feels like being a kid in a candy store. Many options to chose from, and the allowance to get at it.
Just like candy eating though, have too much and you get sick of it. Being the family guy I believe I am, the thought of being away from home recently started to creep on me.

Missing out on family and old friends brings me back to reality. The brutal reality that time doesn’t stand still while I enrich my soul from all foreign encounters and feed my thoughts with opportunities and dreams.

Having the immense luck to have had my family together and close since I was born, I have always had this conviction that family will always be there. It’s not. People go and that’s part of life, and our discussion brought light on this simple fact yet critical to acknowledge. Why critical? Because you need to expect it so you won’t be taken by surprise. Live fully and without holding back, but with that fact in mind, so when the inevitable arrives, there will be tears but no regrets.

I will keep traveling as much as I can, especially because I have now built strong relationships with amazing people all around the globe, but I’ll also ensure to take some time off that vagabond life of mine to settle down for a good old chat, a beer, or simply enjoying the presence of my genetic and extended tribe that I’m grateful to still have around.

Keep on the fun and meaningless shenanigans, keep loving each other, don’t hold anything against anyone, because when it’s too late, there is nothing left but regrets.


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