Life is people


One of the simplest yet wisest things I was ever told from a professional standpoint was “Business is People”. This has happened to be a verifiable fact I experienced almost on a daily basis since. My most interesting and fruitful business encounters have come from informal chats and relationship in the least expected situations.

I have only recently realised that it might be just as simple with friendship and life in general.

Whether they are the quiet neighbour that we have very little interaction with yet have been part of our lives for as long as we remember, or the very intense relationship we have had with someone even if lasted for a short period of time, the total stranger we have a conversation with in a coffee shop and plants an idea in our brain that will last for ever, I truly believe that all people we meet have an impact on our lives.

And since everything is balanced, the more you give and open to people, the more you will receive. I have received so much this past few weeks it’s almost ridiculous.

Find out soon more about two of my most memorable adventures this past month and an upcoming one I’m already delighted about.

The Rut

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