Get inspired, but don’t chase someone else’s dream.

“You can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’re coming from”
Someone famous must have said something similar at some point, and if not, I’m sure Yoda has, so it counts.

Therefore I wouldn’t be able to clearly seek happiness in a near future without looking back at how 2014 unfolded for me. So let’s get to it.

Gotta be honest here, I have had a fucking fantastic year. I traveled to exotic and beautiful places to race on courses even my adventurous mind couldn’t design. New Zealand, Costa Rica, La Palma, Chamonix, Colorado, Montana, Arizona… seriously, who does that??
I’ve also got to know people better who each have enriched my soul for the better. Jo, The Frosties, Matt, Erik and Braz, the Flag crew (Rob and Christina, Shay and BrianAlicia, Vargo, Paul…), Ethan, Nico, Yo and all the ones I missed.
It was unreal and I am well aware how lucky I am to have experienced so much, been given so much and felt such care and love.

The path within, a bumpy road to happiness.
I also had my fair share of dead ends, doubts, demons to fight, and facts to accept. The way forward requires to be inspired by people, but doesn’t mean you need to chase someone else’s dream.
I have been explained that my personality is to give and assist people in their personal quests, and there I would find happiness. For a challenge driven person like me, it is extremely hard to accept my happiness would only lay in my contribution to other people’s success. I don’t know if this is true or not but it took me a while to understand that one.
I always seek for the best, but for way too long I was seeking to achieve goals perceived by others as the best, and should I reach it, I would receive the ultimate recognition. As much as I must admit it made me feel good to reach a goal and please other people’s expectations almost more than the goal itself, it ultimately didn’t make me truly happy inside.
I understood that other people are other people, and life is way to short to care so much about what they think. I know now that my decisions will be made first and foremost to please the little guy (or little girl) in me. Friends and family will understand or at least accept it, and others… can think whatever makes them happy.

I did take a lot of time to step back and learned things can’t be perfect, all goals can’t be reached, and that’s just fine. Facing reality was sometimes painful but a necessary path for better tomorrows. A better 2015.

A 360° turn. Yes.
Some people will see it as the exact same direction, I beg to differ. A 360° turn allows to look around, learn, catch information and thus offer a different vision of the same direction. Knowledge unveils many details over the perception of the same view.
From a professional standpoint, I sold my first startup (Goodpeoplerun) and created a new one (Twiinkly). New teams were formed and amazing things are being created. I was able to learn from the countless mistakes I made during my first experience as an entrepreneur and put them to good use for Twiinkly. It worked and I’m delighted to share this experience on my free time, with such talented individuals who do share my perception of entrepreneurship and vision for the future, and I hope for years to come.

One of these lessons was to not rely on a startup financially and keep it as a hobby. First application of my new decision making process. Almost all entrepreneurs will say “you need to give it all, and go full time into your project to make it successful”, and my decision goes against this. So be it. If I can live a healthy life, have a job that excites me, I’ll be able to make better quality contribution to that side project.
I look forward to pursuing leads towards very exiting professional opportunities that will unfold within the next few weeks.

DESTINATION : UnKnown. And it makes the journey even more exiting.
Bottom line, I reached in 2014 new heights of happiness, and was willing to compromise on other things to get there. I won’t be able to compromise anymore and thus know won’t be able to spend as much time in that blissful happiness in 2015 as I did in 2014. As sad as it sound to have a less bright tomorrow than today, I don’t fear potential withdrawal.

First because you have to be grateful for what you are given, and it was a privilege to experience and most importantly share such incredible and unique moments. Second because I found something much more valuable than intense yet random hits of pure happiness. Run free White Rabbit, I found the way. Wonderland be ready, I’m coming your way and very optimistic about that journey.

I wish you all the best for 2015, and may you find that path and enjoy all the small wins along the way.

— Martin

2 Comments on “Get inspired, but don’t chase someone else’s dream.”

  1. As I lie here in bed feeling sick as a dog I found reading your blog beautiful. Thank you. It has been great to meet too and I hope it won’t be too long til the next time. P.S my quads are slowly getting bigger! Ha ha!

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