Life directions

“Only you can control your future.” Dr Seuss

We (people like me) are rational people and we make decision that make sense. Sometimes it hurts, but we have to suck it up because people like us have only one gear in life, forward.

I am questioning a whole lot of things lately and I must admit I’m really confused. If I were to die right now, I would have a lot of regrets about things I haven’t done, missed, didn’t take the time for.

I am chasing big dreams but realise I am doing it at a great cost. Being goal oriented, challenge driven leads to missing out on the now. When goals are reached, quests are achieved, I look for greater ones instead of being satisfied and settle down. Why so?
Have I yet to reach my ultimate goal to be satisfied? What if I don’t? When will I know I need to stop without being frustrated?

I’m nearly 30 years old and despite full dedication and involvement, I personally don’t believe I have achieved anything worth the sacrifices. Yet I will keep trying.

I don’t know what the future holds, and that’s not without little fear that I will try to change my life, reshape it, rethink it so eventually one day, what I’ll have will be enough, and hopefully it won’t be too late so I can then create and focus on what really matters. Family and friends.

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