Things happen for a reason.

I was never a big fan of that saying. I like to make my own choices and be the only reason for how my life unfolds.

Yet, like I was mentioning in my previous post about change, some things happen whether we plan it or not, whether we want it or not. Sticking to my guns, I wouldn’t bitch about it but try and make the best out of having no job in 2014.

I had money aside from previous activities and was keen to live off of not much at all, but live to the fullest. It was the opportunity to launch my second startup, Twiinkly, and travel the world to race and explore. It’s been good, but money doesn’t grow on trees in my world, and soon enough, I was caught up with having close to no money.

So I started looking for a position around July. But I wasn’t ready to give up my “freedom” for an average job. I don’t do average. If I decide to do, I shoot for the moon. So month went by, seeking for that one position that would fit my ambition, feed my motivation, challenge me and make me work with a like-minded team.

In 6 month, I applied to only 3 jobs that I believed matched my expectations.

I didn’t make it past the first interviews for the first one, and even though I did my best to get it, looking back it wasn’t the best one for my profile. Things happen for a reason?

Late 2014, I applied to two other positions. I didn’t hear back from at all from the first one, although they were the ones who initially reached out to me. Things happen for a reason?

The last one, Global running sports marketing and communication manager at Scott Sports HQ in Switzerland, is now mine. FUCK YEAH!
5 years after the internship I did at this very position, I am back with more experience, more wisdom and eager to work with the new team that was put together to give the running category a whole new dimension. Exciting times ahead and I’m looking forward to working with all of you out there who are or will be involved with Scott running.
In my quest for the moon, I realize now that things didn’t go according to my plans, twice. Yet, I couldn’t have hoped for a better final result.

Two lessons were learned. First, there might be more than one moon in the sky, and the right one for you perhaps isn’t the first you’ll target. If you miss, keep shooting.

Second, things might well happen for a reason after all 🙂


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