Change. Again.

Interestingly enough, I have already written about Change, I guess I was far from being done. This is a vast enough topic to come back to, as per all the artists who’ve written about it. So unlike my previous post, I’ve let the music aficionado side of me pick a few songs on the matter as an introduction to this post. They all deal with change through different aspects, society, love, family in their own way : David Bowie2pacFAUL & Wad Ad vs PnauIamGloria Gaynor, Scorpions.

Now let’s get into it. From times to times, life throws things at you, and you are left with two options that I like to see as spacial representations. Either you move to avoid it, modifying in the process your position within the environment you live in, or you face whatever is being thrown at you so as to hold your grounds you believe is worth fighting for. Yet sometimes, the battle is lost before you even start the fight, and back to option 1, you move.

The comfort of a positive routine isn’t an illusion. It is easy, simple and you know how it works. When outside events force you to step outside of that confort zone, it is a challenge. Sometime towards positive, sometimes towards negative, but the outcome is almost always up to you.

Having recently discussed change with a great variety of close friends, such motion to either change one’s live or someone else’s must be approached with positivism. While you were familiar with whatever you had to give up or loose when making that move, you sure don’t know what comes next. And that’s the beauty of change. Anything can happen as long as you embrace it and don’t get stuck in a past that, whether you like it or not, is forever gone. Wiped out. Which takes us to my second – and favorite -representation of change, the Blackboard.


That blackboard of your life was full of plans, memories, stories that you had build and were creating a beautiful scenery. You were so used to look at it, that once it has been swiped, like a child who’s drawing has been trashed, you miss it so bad you hurt and you sometimes want to cry. Do it. There is no better way to deal with change than letting your emotion acknowledge it, so one day you can eventually move on. Then comes the time to start writing new thoughts, projects, goals, stories and memories. It is intimidating at first. You might only be able to draft a few words in a corner you won’t necessarily be happy about. It’s OK. Three things will eventually turn these drafts into a masterpiece.

The first we already talked about, and it is a positive forward looking attitude. You can’t undo what’s done, but you can certainly influence what’s about to be done.

In second comes Time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. And just like it takes years to master biking, skiing, running in the mountains, when you finally hit that moment where everything falls into place, it’s nearly magical. So yes, you may fall, you may hurt, but in the end it’s all worth it. So keep drafting.

Third and perhaps the most important, give your close ones chalk sticks and let them draw on your blackboard. They’ll add stories you forgot about, good memories of events that occurred before that routine had taken over, and show you sides of you you had forgotten you had. It will give you new perspective and perhaps even a glimpse of the outcome of the change you’re going through : new opportunities.

With time, you’ll be busy drawing redefining that life change, someone uninvited will draw a flower in a corner of your blackboard when you won’t be looking. There will lay your first opportunity. Let it happen. It will feel unusual, you won’t have control over it, but you’ve got to jump if you want to fly again. A new job, a new challenge, a new friend, a new partner… The first, second or third may not be the one that will bring your ultimate balance, but it most certainly will help you shape that masterpiece of yours we call life. So keep an open mind and open heart, because no missed opportunity ever turned into a real thing.

Lastly, I’d like to give a shout to all people who have helped me through my latest personal change process. They’ve put things in perspective by drawing on my own personal blackboard, as well as inviting me to draw in theirs. A new journey has begun. Truth is, this may not even be the last time my blackboard gets erased, and I’m not afraid. I know now it will shape my life for the better.

Thank you Jen, Ed, Jacky, Eric, Greg, Julie, Pierre,  ROM1, Teuf, Tonton, Delph, Nat, Carlie, Cora, Brian, Adam, Thomas and all the other who will know who they are.

Cheers to new opportunities and draft on!



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