TransRockies Run withdrawal

I love life. I have always been eager to discover new things, cultures, territories, and perhaps most importantly new playgrounds to quench my thirst for running in the mountains.

This attitude has offered me countless moments of happiness, got me to meet and know many great individuals, some of them I will call friends for the rest of my life.

Like everything balanced, the ups bring downs, and this is what’s fantastic about being the excited person I am. The ups are sky high yet I somehow managed the downs to usually stay relatively shallow. Actually that’s not entirely true. Downs are deep, but I somehow feel good about them, most of the time.

Earlier this summer, i have got back together with one of my first love. The TransRockies Run. Saying it’s a 6 days stage race across trails of the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado wouldn’t even start to describe the live experience offered by this event. 6 days of isolation, together with like minded individual who find it fun to run 23 to 42k a day for 6 days straight, while creating new bonds, friendships and all sorts of intense, spontaneous, unexpected, and for the luckiest of all life long lasting relationships.

As much as I am familiar with banging headaches and painful hangover, I have also experience withdrawal from a drug that is infinitely more powerful than alcohol. Endorphin. As you can imagine, when forced to go back to reality and out daily grind, a strong and vivid feeling of withdrawal did hit me, hard… And it took many days until that bitter sweet taste became fine and found memories that warms my heart and widen my smile as I remember that week.

But deep down I can already feel it, the 2016 TRR edition is coming up, and I’m afraid it will take up all the fun for the next year, to unload it over a single week of pure madness!

I don’t know if I should be scared or excited, but one sure thing, I can’t wait.


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