Riaño Trail Run

[ADDED on 27.08.2016] Video reacp of the edition zero of the race

Riaño Trail Run Edición Cero from TerraIncognita Sport on Vimeo.


Gathering with like minded people with the single purpose and to explore new areas was the mindset I had when flying to Madrid, en route to run the Riaño Trail Run.

All participants of this edition zero were selected bass on their running and mountaineering skills as the course was gong to take us over steep climbs, narrow ridges and technical descents

To animate the starting and finishing lines, nobody better to choose than Depa ! Her also ran a few sections with us and sure was great to reconnect with him shortly after working side by side at commenting UTMB

Rolf taking advantage of an easy pace early on in the first stage – the goal was to run the first 22k all together and unleash the dogs for the final 20k.

  This summit was the highlight of the first day with an awesome ridge to cover almost from end to end.

  Top of the first peak on day one, smiles on.

One of the many good times was hitting this col after 1400m of climging with the leading pack. Good fun and exciting landscapes.
The organization has done a remarkable job at putting this event together and tokk great advantage of that edition zero to fine tune it for an exciting Edition 1 next year!



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