People Matters

Unless you work for a company you created, chances are you won’t agree with all decisions that are made above you.

It’s easy enough – especially for my fellow countrymen from France – to let these differences of opinion get to us, and result in personal frustration, disappointment, disapprobation, and this is your right.

But it remains personal and you have to bear in mind that the people who have created the company you work, the organization you’ve been hired by for a mission are the reason you have a job today. Therefore, even if you may disagree with them, the succession of decision they have made have taken the company where it is today, and if not in bankruptcy, they must have been right in some ways – as long as they are legal…

That being said, if such decisions or company rules are too far from your personal vision of work ethics, remember that you are the only one in control of your working life and you are free to leave at any point! Yes it takes courage and self confidence but this decision remains yours exclusively. Well until you break the company rules and offer yourself a rapid trip to your manager’s and HR office 🙂

Having faced this situation several times recently, I have chosen to focus on another factor entirely: people.

Relationships, partnerships, collaboration are always between people and this is where I believe the true value of a job lays.

I have been delighted to meet new people, reconnect with other and the only thing I hope is to have given and enriched these incredible individual’s lives a much as they have with mine.

So when facing a frustrating situation at work, look whether or not it is related to the people you work with.

If it is, run! If it isn’t then look at what you are gaining from your partners and coworkers because this can’t be taken away by any company rule, contract or decision from above.

Peace ya’ll

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