Actions speak louder than words

In these tough times, the sport industry like many others, is being shaken from its roots up and there will be a lot of dead leaves on the ground come fall.

It’s still hard to say which players will still be standing.

Watching closely businesses’s responses, actions and communications, I have come to this conclusion: Just as someone’s true nature shines in times of struggle, it also applies to businesses.

A few examples that made me feel this way are Eddie Bauer making 20,000 masks shifting production in some of their factories.

Kitsbow, a small US apparel brand that shifted their production to making Personal Protective Equipment,

REI which shut down its 162 stores while still paying its employees. “Our decisions are grounded in the belief that there are more important things than business right now”

It’s overwhelming to see such a response from brands in our industry. I haven’t listed them all but if you know of any initiative, please share them, as they deserve to be acknowledged if not rewarded.

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