SCOTT Running

In February 2019, it will be a 4 year long story, and the least I can say is that it’s been an amazing journey, that I hope will last for years to come.

It felt like a startup at first, with only 3 people taking over the running division at SCOTT. Greg Lever O’Keeffe – Designer and Developper, Peter Cable, Footwear Product Manager, and myself for Marketing.
With the mission to relaunch the brand, we had the freedom to create a positioning, visual identity and products from scratch. But belonging to a multi division brand, with such a strong bike division, it made sense to show a link between the bike racing division and the running one.
Having Innovation Technology Design leading every product development action in the company, it made sense to focus on the racing part first. And after 18 month of work from all 3 backgrounds, the product that was going to get the word out about the whole RC running range was born : The Supertrac RC.

In terms of positioning, we used the black and yellow colours to define the whole head to toe RC silhouette. From accessories, packs and bags, softgood and footwear, the RC runner would need a unified outfit, to stand strong and proud on the starting line. No soft approach of trail running, no playing in the mountains, NO SHORTCUTS.

To be continued…

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