This page was dedicated to my application to the position as GLOBAL OUTDOOR SPORTS & COMMUNITY MARKETING MANAGER at Salomon, back in 2010.
I didn’t get the position and focused on developing instead.


As Proton, the US Trail Running Community Manager, it would be a wonderful opportunity to work with Martin, for whom I feel the role was designed.  Martin has always impressed me with his knowledge of the trail running world, business in general, and incredible interpersonal skills.  He defines diplomacy and, yet, does not rest on his abilities but is also a dedicated, hard worker, as evidenced by his running and consistent level of fitness.
Salomon would do very well to have Martin in the role of Global Outdoor Sports and Community Marketing Manager and although I write that with a strong bias — he is my friend and it would be a treat to work closely with him — I am also objective enough to know that it would be good for the brand to have someone like Martin Gaffuri in that role.

Adam Chase
Editor at Running Times
Trail Running Brand Ambassador at Salomon
President at American Trail Running Association


As a member of the UK Salomon Team, I’d like to reinforce the comments above. I first met Martin at the Goretex Transrockies race in 2008 when he was part of the media team and then at several European trail races. He is a very bright, confident and charismatic guy. At events he is universally popular with athletes and the race organisers. He has bags of energy and enthusiasm for life, the outdoors and especially trail running – which he is very talented at ! As his blog demonstrates, he certainly has his pulse on the trail running scene.
I am confident that Martin would excel in this position and that he would be an asset to the Salomon family

UK Trail Running Athlete at Salomon


I met Martin at the TransRockies the year before last. I was competing with fellow Brit Tom Owens as part of the UK Saab-Salomon team. Martin instantly came across as one of the most enthusiastic trail runners and Salomon ambassadors I’ve ever met. As an experienced and well travelled runner, blogger journalist he certainly knows what he’s talking about. He has a passion for the sport and the gear that Salomon have and continue to develop in this ever expanding niche market. These are the precise qualities I’d have thought the Salomon team are looking to fill this post.

France Trail Running Athlete at Salomon


I worked and ran with Martin during his time at adidas. Salomon could not pick a better candidate that embodies passion for running, especially on trails. He is insightful, always listens to consumers and is not afraid to take calculated risks. Martin’s enthusiasm empowers fellow colleagues, and for that reason alone Salomon should employ him. Sign him up!

James McKay
Global Product Director at Inov8


Cynthia Amon couldn’t post a comment from her blackberry, but here is what she emailed me:
Martin, I only have my blackberry and I am traveling at the trade shows for past two weeks until feb 1.
Two things. Please use my name as a reference so I can advocate for you in person. I think you are awesome and know you put the same passion, high energy and commitment into your work as you do when you run multi marathons like the GORE-TEX Transrockies.
You were always ready to extend yourself beyond expectations whenever we needed help with a project I know you will be successful in the role you are seeking and valuable to the new team and company.”

Cynthia AMON
Public Relations at W. L. Gore


Inspirational! Outgoing! Energetic! Understanding!…..are only a few of the adjectives i can use to describe Martin. The first moment I met Martin I knew I was dealing with a real character. A character that I shared the same beliefs with. His sense of humour, openness and passion for running and life inspired me. In fact everyone I know who encountered Martin only had positive things to say. He definitely scored high on the first, second and third moment of truth.

Martin quickly established himself as the ‘extreme outdoor Salomon guy’ within the adidas running community. Well that was until i christened him ‘The Goat’ because of his passion for outdoors and particularly mountains. He wanted to participate in everything he believed was exciting. Whether it was out running and scouting the local region for new trails, participating in races or organising social activities we could always depend on Martin to be there and be the life and soul of the event.

I truly believe that Martin can do anything he puts his mind to. He got titled extreme because he shows and proves he has no desire to be ordinary. His burning desire to push boundaries and personal limits is what it takes to be the best. I truly believe that Martin will be a wonderful ambassador, driver and innovator for the Salomon brand.

Team Leader Running Footwear Development at adidas Running


Having the privilege to work together with Martin in the same business unit, I can only say that this bright, clever, energetic, focused, determined, inspirational, down-to-earth, young man is THE right person for the Salomon brand – and if Salomon doesn’t take him on board, they don’t know what a valuable asset they’d be passing up.

I am overwhelmingly confident that Martin will succeed in anything that he undertakes. He definitely has the right skills set, plus more, to conquer all that Salomon dishes him. Most important, he has that ‘innovative instinct’ to push the cutting edge of performance.

Senior Product Manager, Business Unit Olympics at adidas


Martin has been the unofficial Ambassador to France for the GORE-TEX® TransRockies Run since year one, and he has been a great help in publicising the event in France from securing and writing media coverage, to helping to get the event listed in event calendars, to helping participants from France get organised, and even connecting us with new potential sponsors. His presence at the event is always positive as well, with a constant smile on his face, and never-ending energy from start to finish. His passion is evident and his talent is abundant.

I have seen what an effective brand champion Martin has been even in our friendly informal relationship. I can only imagine that he would be superbly effective in the role of Global Outdoor Sports & Community Marketing Manager.

Aaron McConnell
President at TransRockies Events

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